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TOP 5 – Spots for snorkeling

For you that love seeing the life under the sea but is not much into diving, as in our case, this list will be perfect. Here we listed the best spots we know around the world to snorkel. It was so difficult to make an order that we can actually consider the top 3 as TOP 1 . All of them will ensure an amazing experience.


This complex of 3 small islands just beside the island of Lombok is a perfect getaway. There you can swim in crystal clear green water with tranquility to enjoy the beautiful sea turtles, colorful fishes, corals and blue stars, just a few steps from the sand. Unfortunately many corals in this region of Asia were destroyed by the tsunami, but it is still possible to enjoy a rich marine life.

Gili Islands

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Dahab is certainly a nice surprise. Who would imagine that such a dry area would have an awesome coast. Well, the Sinai Peninsula has waters of striking color contrasting with the golden of the desert. And it’s there that the Blue Hole is located, a circular cave with a depth of 130 meters, which is entirely formed by corals. You can clearly see the circular Blue Hole since the water is much darker in the hole. You can plunge into a super blue water and admire several coral formations and super colorful fishes. And it is all available a few steps from the shore.


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The Galapagos Islands are one of the great natural wonders of the world and few people know it. Of course the great thing there is diving, but even with snorkeling you will be able to appreciate a lot of the marine life, as the gentle swimming of the sea lions, the super fats penguins, different types of sharks, huge schools of colorful fishes, stingrays, sea turtles and more. An unforgettable trip.


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This region of Mexico is rich in different snorkeling opportunities, beyond the color of the water at some points that is just awesome . There you can take a boat trip to open waters to swim with the impressive whale sharks and manta rays, you can also dive in the turquoise waters of Akumal beach to admire corals, colorful fishes, turtles and moray eels, and you can still explore a whole new world under water formed by the amazing cenotes (natural sink holes that expose groundwater, often they are like caves or open). Two great cenotes in the area are the Cristalino and Dos Ojos, each with its own style. Definitely a paradise for those who love snorkeling.


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It’s right there, next to the island of Caye Caulker, that is located the second largest reef barrier in the world and there are 3 amazing spots for snorkeling that will surely provide one of the most amazing experiences of your life: the Hol Chan Channel, Shark ray Alley and Coral Garden. There you will have the unique opportunity to be surrounded by several nurses shark, rays and huge schools of fish, besides enjoying beautiful turtles, moray eels and a coral full of life and colors. And if you’re really lucky you still can see the manatees . Unfortunately this was not the case for us. Simply a must!

Caye Caulker

Check the video of our amazing snorkeling in Belize:

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