For sure this is the most boring part of the planning, but it is necessary. What to do with my home, health insurance, documentation etc. Find below a practical checklist:

My homeKeeping your home closed and paying all the bills is probably not the best choice. So you can: rent your house to a friend, sell all your things, rent a deposit or lend your things to family and friends during your absence.
Bank accountChoose a bank account that has good services around the world. We decided on a bank account in HSBC Premier, that has agencies everywhere and VIP lounges in main airports around the world with internet connections and food.
Address transferRemember to transfer your address to family or close friends so your mail Doesn’t get lost.
Travel insuranceYou will need a good international travel insurance. There is a website that compares the costs and policies from several different companies and you can buy it there: Square Mouth.
Health insuranceIf in your country you don't have good health public services you should worry about doing a health insurance in your home country, because if you have major problems during the trip you might have to go back for longer treatments that are not covered by the travel insurance.
VaccineGet informed about the required and recommended vaccines according to the places you will visit. And don't forget you need to bring an international vaccine card with you. In the health section you can find more information about this.
HealthDon't forget to do a check-up before you leave, especially if you have constant health problems. Prepare a first-aid kit and a basic pharmacy. In the health section you can also find more details about this.
PassportMake sure your passport is valid until 6 months after you return from your trip.
Equipment insuranceIf you are bringing expensive equipment with you, you can evaluate the possibility of getting insurance for that equipment.
Driver's licenseMany countries will not accept your regular driver's license, so it's recommended that you get an international driver's license. You can find more information on this link.
DocumentsYou should scan all your documents (passport, ID, driver's license e etc…) and send to your e-mail. In case you get robbed during the trip, this will make your life easier. Also check the necessary documents for your visas and take 10 3x4 photos, as you will certainly need them for some visas.
EmbassiesSave in your e-mail account a list of your home country embassies around the world.
Keeping in touchRemember that you will spend one year away and you need to keep in touch with your families and close friends. You can do a free blog in Blogger or WordPress to share your photos and comments during the trip.