The idea of leaving everything to travel one year seems quite crazy at the beginning. Making a round the world trip is a dream for many, but just a few make it happen.

Most people believe it’s impossible, mainly due to the financial part. We also thought the same. Till the day we met a couple that had just came back from their round the world trip. After that we started to search in the internet and we found out that to make this kind of trip was much more feasible than we thought and that information completely changed the course of our lives.

One thing we can guarantee, to make a round the world trip is much cheaper than buying a house and even a car. It all depends on priorities in life and planning. When we decided to do our trip we didn’t have enough money but we made a savings plan to reach our goal. Everything we want can be reached; it’s a matter of effort and motivation.

Of course that for many people there is also the fear of what is going to happen with their lives after the trip. When people ask us: “But you are going to leave your jobs? And when you’ll be back, what are you going to do?”, we always say: “Maybe this is a good opportunity to start a new life… We’ll see later”. Everything we’ll experience during this year can show us new paths, new opportunities and a different way of living. For us this a unique experience in life. We spend our whole lives worrying too much about the future and at the end we don’t live the present to the fullest. So, relax, enjoy and remember that everything will be fine.

We decided to do this website with the aim of motivating and helping people that, just like us, dream of doing this experience, but think this is impossible. With all the research we did and the experience we lived we put here all the tips and references that can help you plan your own adventure. You’ll see that it can be much easier than you think. Begin your planning right now and start dreaming!