Here we put a list with all the necessary items for this type of trip.

But before we begin, you need to decide on the most important item… Your backpack! It needs to be practical, comfortable and good quality. Remember that it will be your home during the trip.


Main characteristics of a good backpack:

  • Back protection and waist fitting
  • Height and waist adjustment for optimal fit on your back
  • Frontal opening to facilitate access to your content
  • Portioning to facilitate organising your content
  • With built-in rain cover

Osprey Airporter LZ Pack Duffel

Don’t forget to also buy a backpack protector to use when traveling on flights. This will conserve your backpack and will allow you to use all of the external pockets as you can put a lock in the protector bag.

Backpacks content

Here we are listing the essential items for your trip considering most of the time will be spent in summer seasons. It can seem scary to bring such a small amount of clothing for one year, but taking so much clothing may be a waste of your space and you will buy new clothes anyway. Avoid leaving for the trip with your backpack full. Leave some space and try to keep maximum 14 kilos.

Men's backpackWomen's backpackHand bag
1Microfiber towel
1Microfiber towel
1Agenda / planner
1Clothes plastic bag1Clothes plastic bag2Pens
2Waterproof Pants-shorts2Pants (shorts and a pants-waterproof)1Photo camera
2Board Shorts2Board Shorts / shorts1Extra battery for photo camera
10T-shirt1Skirt1Small tripod
1Long sleeve shirt1Light dress1Netbook
1Thermal jacket (fleece)10T-shirt1HD external
1Thin and waterproof windproof jacket 1Long sleeve shirt1Pen drive
8Underpants1Thermal jacket (fleece)1iPod / iPhone
8Pairs of socks (Coolmax)1Thin and waterproof windproof jacket 1Small briefcase
1Pajamas8Panties1Inflatable headrest
2Swim wear8Pairs of socks (Coolmax)1Ear Protector
1Hat / cap1Pajamas1Eye Mask
1Waterproof hiking shoes (Goretex)1Thin beach towel1Input adapter earphone for 2 people
1Hiking sandals1Hat / cap1Wet wipes for bathroom
1Waterproof hiking shoes (Goretex)
1Hiking sandals

You can find stores specialising in travel items that offer clothes with technology to make your life easier: fast drying waterproof fabric pants, fast drying microfiber towels, ultra thin waterproof coats that protect from the wind and compact to the size of a wallet, board shorts, coolmax socks with ventilation for summer and protection for winter, waterproof shoes with gore-tex fabric. Some famous brands are Decathlon, The North Face and Marmot.

We also can’t forget the necessary items and other items we never remember to bring but in the middle of the trip you will miss them.

NecessaireOutros acessórios
1Shampoo 2 in 1
1Money belt
1Conditioner (for people with dry hair)1Swiss knife
1Soap1Pocket calculator
1Deodorante roll-on (avoid spray)5Ziploc bag (for the airplane and food)
1Shaver15 meters of rope for clothes
1Shaving cream on-chip (Sea to Summit)10Big clips can serve as a hangers for clothes
1Perfume4Lock with code
1Toothpaste1Alarm clock (wrist or table)
1Dental floss1Lighter
1Moisturizing1International adapter
1Sun block1Mosquito net for bed
1Anti-mosquito spray1Big lock (for hostels)
1Swabs1Cutlery set
1Nail clipper1Cards
1Small scissors1Book / word games
1Nail file1Photos of family and friends
1Tweezers103x4 photos for visas
1Medications (according to the health section)
1First-aid kit

IMPORTANT: a money belt is a small bag to put important documents in that you can keep under your pants during the trip. What should you put there: your passport, an extra credit/debit card, your travel insurance and money.

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