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TOP 5 – Wonders of nature

We start here our TOP 5 session.
A series of posts that will share our highlight lists… Places, cultures, food, incredible experiences, adventure and more… Not only of our trip around the world but also from previous trips.

In this post we will talk about countries with impressive natural wonders. Nature is really amazing and there are wonders scattered around the world, but the ones we have listed below left a mark on us, in our feelings, sensations and memory.

5th place – Switzerland

A country surrounded by mountains and with a large variation of altitude ranging from 195 meters to 4,000 meters. Whether in winter or summer the country ensures breathtaking views changing its colors from intense green to white from the snow covering its mountain . A simple walk in nature ensures a jaw-dropping day and you can also have fun skiing in the Swiss Alps. A must See!


4th place – Nepal

The Annapurna complex is a set of mountains that is part of the Himalayas, reaching 8,091 meters. Our did jus a four days trek, reaching 3,210 meters, but when we got closer to the mountains and saw the majestic snowcapped peaks we felt the urge to go till the end to be able to hug the mountain, an amazing sense of grandeur, beauty and power of nature. An unforgettable trey that we recommend even for those who have never done trekking before, as it was for us.


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3rd Place – Namibia

We had never heard about Namibia and we got chocked to think of how a country with such beauty can be so unknown. A desert country of only 2 million inhabitants, with dry and arid climate, which with 300 days of sunshine a year make its lands shine to look like a golden paradise. The country stars are the dunes of Sossusvlei, Dead Vlei and Spitzkoppe, all must-stops!


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2nd place – New Zealand

New Zealand has stunning landscapes scattered throughout the country. A small country, easy to move and if you drive around you will have the privilege to stop every 1 hour to enjoy a wonderful view, either with sea, lake, mountain, volcanoes … A stunning destination to be remarked in you memory.

New Zeland

1st place – Bolivia

I bet you must be surprised with the champion, well, we were also surprised. A marvel like this just besides Brazil and almost nobody knows around here. The Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt desert in the world, with 10,582 km ² and the magnificent feeling of immensity of this infinite beauty is indescribable, especially when you have the chance to see the desert flooded, creating a huge natural mirror reflecting the sky on earth. But the wonders of the region go far beyond the salt desert, extending over more miles of lakes, mountains and volcanoes that ensure stunning visuals every day. Simply Sensational!


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  1. Gloria Tereza de Carvalho Fernandes 14 Dec 2013 / 18:58 UTC / #

    Sensacional. Quantas coisas maravilhosas a natureza nos proporciona. Que vontade de viajar. Quem sabe a gente não faz junto.

    • Carol 16 Dec 2013 / 15:10 UTC / #

      Sim, vamos planejar. Só de sonhar já começa a viagem! :-)

  2. Leandro 18 Dec 2013 / 12:07 UTC / #

    Yeeeeeees, SALAR DE UYUNI!!! Fiquei surpreso com o campeão, mas não por duvidar de sua beleza. É o lugar mais fantástico, surreal, incrível que já vi, porém, ainda não viajei muito. Vocês passaram por tantos lugares, que imaginei que haveria lugar mais extraordinário ainda… pelo visto não.

    • Carol 19 Dec 2013 / 09:37 UTC / #

      Oi Leandro,
      Acho que devem existir outros bem impressionantes, mas ainda não cruzou o nosso caminho. O mundo é muito grande e ainda faltam muitos lugares a serem explorados. O que é muito bom, assim a gente nunca para de viajar. :-)

  3. Lucinda Lapolli 15 Feb 2014 / 19:14 UTC / #

    Show, continuo admirada de tanta beleza!!

    • Carol 21 Feb 2014 / 10:32 UTC / #

      Só de olhar da saudades! :-)