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Ecuador – Dream and Nightmare in Galapagos

January 23, 2013, 9 am and we headed to the airport of Guayaquil to catch our flight to Galapagos. We were so happy and anxious that it seemed we were going on vacation.
Galapagos is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world for its natural beauty and exotic wildlife that exist only there. And it was there on these islands, after spending months observing the animals, that Darwin developed the theory of evolution. We wanted to do a boat trip and everything was super expensive, so we decided to do as part of our honeymoon.

We did a 8 days tour in a catamaran boat going through many islands and accompanied by another 8 travelers plus the boat crew. During the trip different animals crossed our ways: sea lions, giant tortoises, red and blue footed booby birds, marine and land iguanas, pelicans, eagles, frigate birds and so on. And the coolest thing is that the animals are so used to humans around that they are not afraid us and they don’t try to run away when you get closer. Absolutely amazing!

Almost every day we did snorkeling and saw fishes of all colors and different sizes, all kinds of stingrays, sharks, starfish, penguins, marine iguanas, turtles … And the most amazing experiences of all, swim with sea lions. Just awesome!

All went well for a side in our experience, but another side of our trip turned into a nightmare and the dream was over.
To summarize the novel: we were very unlucky with the boat we took that was having many problems, money from passengers disappeared on the boat, the passengers decided to make an official complaint in writing to the Capitania, after that the Capitania inspected the boat and the boat to was forbidden to sail. Knowing that the owner of the boat got crazy, we left the boat ahead of schedule, the owner of the boat began to threaten passengers making false accusations related to drugs and aggression against passengers to try put us in jail.
The passengers who left the boat were hiding themselves (including us) in their hotels to avoid any harm to them, but one of the passengers had the misfortune to meet her on the street and is now responding to an assault charge in court, he had to pay for a lawyer and his life became a hell. Because of this, we anticipate our flight to leave the island and the next day we left Ecuador, without even visiting everything we wanted.
But it is OK. We were missing a crazy story to complete our adventure and that was a very good one! Heheheeh …

Honeymoon destroyed … Let’s retry our honeymoon elsewhere to compensate!


  1. Élida 26 Feb 2013 / 11:20 UTC / #

    Olá aventureiros! Continuo acompanhando a viagem de vcs aqui no site! Como boa bióloga fiquei super curiosa em saber sobre a viagem de vcs em Galápagos! Com certeza uma experiência única, em todos os sentido, né mesmo? Que coisa essa última história, hein? O impostante é que estão bem e conseguiram se livrar de algo pior! Até que para tantas aventuras vcs não tiveram tantos problemas, né mesmo? beijos!

    • Carol 26 Feb 2013 / 20:32 UTC / #

      Si, tava demorando pra ter uma história de furada de verdade! Essa foi uma bem boa. Ahahahaha… Agora já estou rindo dela. Bom, como uma boa Bióloga vc devia colocar Galápagos na sua lista. definitivamente um lugar que vc tem que ir. Incrível!