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South Thailand – Back to the beaches

We have directly crossed by boat from the island of Langkawi, in Malaysia to reach Satun in Thailand, and we spent the day in transport to arrive on the island of Ko Phangan.
We rented a motorbike and went with all our stuff to the northern beaches, which are much quieter. And it was the best thing to do because we found a very nice bungalow on one of the most beautiful beaches… Super relaxing, happiness! (Best accommodation value so far).

The island of Ko Phangan is wonderful, with its beautiful beaches crystal blue waters, it was love at first sight. We felt on holiday of our holidays! Ahahaha …
The island have a reputation for his inconsistent side big party and rave like his famous: Fool Moon party, but if you stay further north the climate is more zen and relaxing. On our beach, we met several people who have inspired us by their lifestyle, many living half the year on the island and the other half working during high season in Europe. We have also known several musicians and everyday Alexis played with them for the sunset which was really spectacular. One night we went to a jam session with musicians from around the world and it was one of the coolest experiences.
(Watch the video of the jam sessions below).

After we left the beach for four days of relaxation in the Khao Sok National Park. We stayed in a guest house in the middle of the forest and we met two French girls who has spent the day hiking in the park in search of waterfalls with us, we went swimming in the river and Alexis was bitten by leeches and his feet have not stopped bleeding. Ouch!

From there we went to the bay of Phang-Nga, which is very similar to the Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, with its huge rocks scattered in the water and a breathtaking landscape. We did a full day by boat across the bay in a traditional long tail Thai boat and then we spent a quiet night on the floating Muslim village of Panyee, famous for its football team who trains on a floating football field. We had the chance to see them play.
(To know their story, see video below)

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