Our time in the country was very short, but the little we have seen was super cool. A country of cowboys that stopped in time, with Mayan ruins, beautiful nature and friendly people.

The country does not have a good image of security and its sights are not well known, so many travelers just pass through it without exploring more. But we spent a good time there and often without any other tourist.

What was worth it: Gracias, the city that stopped in time, the Mayan ruins of Copán and its beautiful scarlet macaws and the exotic hot springs of Luna Jaguar in Copán.
What we wanted to do but we didn’t: Enjoy the tranquility of Lake Yojoa and the paradisiac and Caribbeanisland of CayosCochinos.
A few tips:

  • TRANSPORT: Transport is frequent but depending on your path it will be necessary to connect in some cities, which can be annoying and time consuming. The buses are mostly simple and not very comfortable (old U.S. school buses) and due to the conditions of the road and the fact that busesstop every two meters to catch more passengers, your journey may be long.
  • SECURITY: Crime exists as throughout Latin America, but surely the risk increases significantly in the Capital. So, if you have no great interest in history and arts, delete the Capital of your itinerary and concentrate in small towns, where you will feel more secure. However, keep a responsible behavior and use common sense, without giving a chance for the worse.
  • PANAMA TO MEXICO: If you just want to cross Central America inexpensively there is a bus service called Tica Bus, which takes you from Panama City to Chiapas in southern Mexico. The trip takes 5 days and all nights in the capital of each country you must pay for your accommodation. The total cost is USD 133 in tourist class and 172 USD in business class. But you can also buy just the sections between 2 countries, 3 countries, etc … Any section in their itinerary.
Our itinerary (5 days)

We crossed the border between El Salvador and Honduras in El Poyby public bus and after the border we made a connection in Santa Rosa de Copán to catch another bus to the small town of Gracias. After two days we took the public bus to Copan Ruins, this time making a connection in La Entrada. We spent 3 days and then crossed the border to Guatemala in El Florido.

The best of the country

Best period

Average spent/day
  • 50,00 – 65,00 US$ for the couple

Must-see places

  • The magical Mayan ruins of Copán and its beautiful scarlet macaws
  • Gracias, the authentic cowboy town that stopped in time
  • The exotic hot springs of Luna Jaguar in Copan Ruins