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Mexico – Bye bye Mexico! (Merida & Cancun)

After visiting the Maya ruines of Uxmal, the next morning at 6 o’clock we went to take a bus to go visit at 3h drive from here, the famous ruines of Chichen Itza, famous because they were voted one of the new 7 wonders of the world and it was the last one of the list we had not seen yet.
We decided to leave as soon as possible to avoid the crowds, we got there at 9am and we were pleasantly surprised, there were very few tourists plus the temperature at that time was very pleasant. The site is well preserved especially the Kukulcan temple which is the main pyramid and also the star of Chichen Itza.


We saw many hieroglyphics still visible on walls of several constructions on the site, we enjoyed the visit, Chichen Itza is the last site Maya we visited in Mexico.

Hierogliphs in Chichen ItzaChichen Itza

In less than 3 hours we had time to see everything, perfect timing, because at the time of leaving, waves of hundreds of tourists was arriving with tour buses most of them from Cancun… Phew! we escaped the worst.

We returned to Mérida and spent the rest of the day in the pool. The next morning we went for a free walking tour of the city. The main square is beautiful and it was nice to find that most of the old churches and buildings were built with stones from 5 Mayan ruins that existed in the region. There is not a trace of them. Very mice Spanish conquers!

IMG_5146Morélia Walking tour

Then we went for lunch at a local traditional restaurant cuisine of the region of Yucatan, the waitresses were wearing traditional clothes of the region, service was good and the food was delicious.

Yucatan restaurant

In our last night in Merida, after dinner, we went for a walk on the busy main square to admire the beautiful buildings illuminated.

Mérida by night

We took a bus, and 4 hours later we arrived in Cancun. We had stayed in Cancun before heading to Cuba, and we went back for two reasons. First, because our next flight is from there but also because Carol needed to buy a computer, Cancun has many huge shopping malls, and electronics here are much cheaper than in Brazil or Europe.
We are not big fans of Cancun because of its mass tourism ambiance, but we must say that the color of the sea water is absolutely stunning! We went for the last time to swim in the Caribbean Sea before leaving for Europe.

IMG_5188Cancun good bye

Bye bye Mexico!!!

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