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Egypt – From the coast, through the pyramids till the desert

We arrived in Alexandria at almost 2 in the morning, a little worried about arriving so late in a strange place, but we were surprised with bustling streets and a rhythm of celebration. This is Ramadan; they switch the day for the night and change their routine completely.

But despite its glorious past and important history, Alexandria does not have much more to offer and let us down. Apart from the pleasant breeze from the sea and the energetic night life, the city has nothing very special.

The most worth visiting was the impressive library, a modern design from developed countries and it doesn’t even look like you’re in a city of Egypt.

From there we went to Cairo to meet friends at the weekend. Once again our friend Mara was coming to visit us and another Egyptian friend. To be in the company of a local makes all the difference and we had a good time. We visited the neighborhoods Islamic Cairo and Coptic Cairo and the Citadel. It was all very interesting but in the middle of a chaotic and noisy city.

On Saturday morning we visited the so awaited Pyramids of Egypt. There weren’t so many tourists and we could take pictures with only us around. Very cool!

Like most great monuments we were impressed with what the people from that time were able to build. Glad to see another wonder of the world!

On Sunday we went to our last destination in Egypt, the oasis of Bahariya, which was nothing special but was the starting point for our visit to the Black and White Desert. We did a tour with a Mexican and a Canadian, Alejandro and Andrea, and although we have already visited many deserts that was quite different, with its hills covered with black volcanic stones and then the different forms of the white rocks.

At night we had a visit from friendly foxes, we smoked shisha, Alexis played guitar at moonrise and once again we spent the night in the desert admiring the stars. Stunning scenery and very relaxing atmosphere! We loved.

Now we start our long journey to Israel, some many hours by bus awaits us! Afff ….

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