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Russia – Amazing St Petersburg

After our short visit in London we went to Russia. We arrived in Moscow where we were received by our Russian friends, Alexander and Evelina. It’s summer, it’s warm and we are greeted with Vodka! Once again we are very happy to meet friends in the middle of our adventure.

We watched the final of the European Football Cup drinking vodka and next morning we went to see the famous ”Red Square’’ of Moscow.

In the evening we went to St Petersburg by train for three days and 10 hours and 850km later we arrived early in the morning in St Petersburg where the mother of Evelina received us with delicious Russian pancakes and sour cream, hmmm…

St Petersburg has fascinated us! The city is beautiful! Wide streets, beautiful architecture and impressive monuments. The city reminded us a little bit of Paris.

We tasted some specialty as the ‘’Stroganoff’’ and the ‘’Shashlik’’and we walked a lot.

We tried to go to bed early but it was not easy because during summer here it never gets dark… At 1am it’s still daylight, a strange feeling that keep us awake till late.
The next day we continued the city tour, and we went to the beautiful Hermitage Museum.

By late evening we met with friends of our Russian friends to have dinner. Finally the outdoor restaurant is gradually transformed into a nightclub. Then around 3am (at sunset) we are invited to the apartment of one of them for an after party! Youhouuu!

Good surprise when we got there, the view from the terrace of his apartment is overlooking the most beautiful part of St Petersburg, it was amazing!

Nice people, a lot of fun, a lot of party and finally at 9am we went to bed… We had a very nice experience in St Petersburg!

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