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India – on the trail of Rajasthan

After passing by the White City and the Blue City of Rajasthan we arrived in Jaisalmer, the Golden City. Jaisalmer has a great fort surrounded by all the houses and shops in earth color, in the style of the desert.

We got there just in time for the Holi holiday and spent the day celebrating in the streets with the locals, passing the colorful paints on the faces of the others until everybody got red. It was definitely a unique and super fun experience and the marks will stay forever in our clothes. hehehe…

Then we did the traditional camel safari through the desert of Thar to spend a night in the dunes, with everybody around the fire and admiring the stars and the full moon, just a few km away from the Pakistan border. We had a group of 10 people from all around the world and camel men, of course. All the food was made in the wood fire and for washing the pans everything was done in the desert style, washed with sand. Simple and efficient! And after five hours on the camel, oh my god, the legs start to hurt a lot! Alexis did a performance for the people in a village of the desert and he had the most rebellious camel and had to be rescued on the second day. Ahahaha…

From there we went to Pushkar, a small town very popular among hippies and super touristy. The city has a sacred lake where the locals go every day to bath and pray. The coolest thing was to relax on the steps around the lake at sunset to admire the look of the white architecture and interact with the friendly Maha Raja Shiva, who was always there offering flowers to the people.

We did our first yoga class and loved it. And we also did some shopping. Pushkar is a haven for buying clothes, as it has many stylish options with hippie Indian design.

It’s been 26 days since we arrived in India and every day we had perfect weather! We never saw a single cloud in the sky! Awesome!


  1. Mariana Herdade 17 Mar 2012 / 18:38 UTC / #

    Que imagens lindas e divertidas!!!!

    • Carol 19 Mar 2012 / 14:23 UTC / #

      Obrigada Nana. Espere pra ver quando a gente publicar todas as fotos da Índia. Tem muita coisa legal. Aqui é o paraíso pra fotos! Bjs

  2. Fer Assis 20 Mar 2012 / 14:16 UTC / #

    Ai, Carol, que delícia! Decidimos, vamos praí mesmo! Conversamos melhor pelo face… beijos com saudades!

    • Carol 21 Mar 2012 / 14:27 UTC / #

      Que legal. Tenho certeza que vc vai adorar. A índia é incrível. Adiciona o Alexis no skype que fica até melhor pra gente falar (alexis.radoux). Bjocas

  3. Silvia 01 Apr 2012 / 04:19 UTC / #

    It was a wonderful time with you guys in the desert. Enjoing Alexis playing and singing was a great present from the universe.
    Meeting you again in Orcha was a big and nice surprise.
    I am sure that we will meet again, somewhere, sometime. Till then give my greetings to Kiki. Also Kalia, the black panther, send a big hug to Kiki.
    Até então, divertiros y cuidaros mucho ;)

    • Carol 01 Apr 2012 / 16:34 UTC / #

      Yeaah it was so nice to meet you again!!
      Very nice surprise, we enjoyed very much to spend time with you.
      Hope the surprise will appear again and again… Who knows? hehehe…
      Lots of kisses to you to Serena and Kalia from the three of us!