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The best of Vietnam

After Ha Long Bay we left to the north of the country and definitely the best of Vietnam is there. We spent two days in Ha Noi, the capital of the country. But the city doesn’t look like a capital and its small and busy streets of the Old Quarter are certainly the best program to do there. You can spend hours and days just walking in the narrow streets of the city to watch the routine of locals, who are the face of traditional Vietnam. We also went for a movie in the modern Megastar to see “In Time” and went to watch the traditional water puppets theater.

From there we took the night train to Sapa, a mountainous region, and we were just delighted. A region of mountains decorated by infinte rice fields and a super exotic people with very traditional customs. We spent the first day for the Saturday market in Sapa, where it is possible to see the people of different tribes, with their colorful costumes and then we rented a motorcycle to go to the Love Waterfall and see the view, but the day was way too cloudy and cold.

The next day we went on a tour of 2 days trekking through the mountains, where we slept in the homes of the local tribes. It was the most incredible experience that we had in the country. View the tribes from close, their homes and super traditional customs served to confirm that we are too picky and you can do things in the same way with much less. Even leaving so close to the town and with all options of modernity and convenience the tribes still do everything as always. Sensational!

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